Sarah Christoff

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Cloud Platforms:


AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku



Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform

Grafana, Zabbix, NewRelic

Project Management:

Operating Systems:

Jira, Trello

CoreOS, Ubuntu, Alpine, CentOS


PyVault - Python + HashiCorp Vault

Using Bottle created a web application that reads secrets out of Vault and returns it via a web interface.

Spookernetes - Kubernetes + Consul and more

Spookernetes started out as a Docker Compose project that used Traefik as a load balancer and Consul as a service register. Using Kompose and the Kubernetes articles it transformed into a full-fledge webapp on GKE that returns “Boo”.

Matternetes - Mattermost + Kubernetes + GKE

Monitored by Prometheus, and visualization done by Grafana. Multiple instances of Mattermost on GKE with a CLOUD SQL backend. Terraform works as the provisioner, and Helm handles deployment.

StallmanFortune - Heroku + Python

Using Flask created a web application that returns an image of Richard Stallman with one of his quotes. Deployed on to Heroku to gain familiarity with their platform.


WP Engine, Austin, TX — Technical Support


Specialized in the popular CMS WordPress, assisted customers overcome various technical hurdles through chat, phone, and tickets.

GoDaddy, Gilbert, AZ — Hosting Support

FEB 2016 - FEB 2017

Maintain customer satisfaction by assisting with troubleshooting various website issues through phone, chat, and ticket.

Endgame Bar, Tempe, AZ Owner, Manager

OCT 2014 - APR 2016

Managed over forty employees while maintaining inventory, payroll, and expenses.


Project Calico

Contributed to Project Calico’s blog, as well as assisted community members about learning about the Container Network Interface.


Assisted at a booth and networked with members of the Python community in Austin. Learned about different infrastructures and technologies used at different businesses across the valley.

ChickTech Austin

ChickTech Austin is a free program for 100 Austin Area girls. Lead the robotics volunteer group which taught girls about electrical engineering, simple coding, and more.